Tier 2 Tasked to Modernise Technology Systems at Croton Stokes Wilson Ltd

When leading Lloyd’s Broker, Croton Stokes Wilson Ltd, was looking to modernise its client facing systems to save time and cut cost they approached Tier 2 Consulting after a recommendation from a colleague. The Tier 2 team’s experience in developing successful custom solutions for interaction between insurance agents and underwriters, and their efficiencies in delivering documents to business partners, stood them apart from the competition.

About Croton Stokes Wilson Ltd.

Croton Stokes Wilson Ltd (CSW) is a London-based Lloyd’s Broker formed in 1988. Since its launch, this Broker, which specialises in North American Delegated Authority business, has grown in size from 4 to 36 staff and has evolved into one of the premier brokers in its field.

Business Challenge

In recent years, the insurance industry has seen a number of significant changes in terms of the amount of technical information required by underwriters. Developments in web technology have allowed the industry as a whole to operate on a more professional and cost effective basis that has led to many benefits for underwriters, brokers and insurers.

The CSW team were spending an increasing amount of time and resource on posting documents and applications to clients in the US via airmail, emailing important statistical information and responding to requests to re-send documents and files. These admin-heavy tasks were costing the company time and money. In order to stay competitive and maintain its strong position in the industry, it was agreed that CSW needed to modernise its technology and implement a new system that enabled underwriters and clients to access important insurance documents at any point.

Project Development

After reviewing CSW’s current processes and discussing the issues, it was clear that a high-quality, easy to manage software solution was required that allowed documents to be created, downloaded and archived through one secure, searchable, online environment.

Tier 2 implemented ARENA, a highly configurable and customisable web-based application that was initially developed to securely control and distribute documents within the pharmaceuticals industry but is now used across a variety of sectors. Tier 2 has extensive experience of delivering custom web solutions, using the major document assembly and control concepts that are the foundation of ARENA, to allow insurance companies to interact between insurance agents, brokers and underwriters. Many of Tier 2’s solutions have been developed in conjunction with Exari – a global leader in document and contract automation.

Developed to JEE standards, ARENA is accessible via standard web browsers on PCs and tablets, and the documents created, and their meta-data, are all stored in SQL standard databases. CSW has now been provided with a completely managed solution for the broker hosting the software on a dedicated cloud server.

clip_image002With highly confidential data and documents being shared, security was key, and the ARENA software has a built-in authentication and authorisation layer, ensuring that users can only view and revise documents that they have been granted specific access to.

In addition, Tier 2 provides an on-going, service-level-based support for CSW in which any issues and defects which arise are resolved within defined response targets.



The ARENA system has enabled CSW to make vital documents such as compliance information, placing slips and aggregate reports, available to underwriters in a substantially quicker timeframe. The team has significantly reduced the amount of administration time spent on sharing documents, and requests for repeat copies have been abolished, as once the documents are loaded onto ARENA, they are available until they are archived by the CSW admin team. Finally, the security permissions that are automatically built into the system have also created a safer means of dispatch and allow CSW to monitor who has accessed each document.