Three years in a (premier) league of our own.

Red Hat Premier Business Partner Middleware Solutions



Great news – we’ve just received confirmation that our Red Hat Premier Partner status is renewed, marking three successive years as the only Middleware Solutions  Business Partner in the UK and Ireland with this level of accredited technical expertise.

Having validated skills in the deployment and use of Red Hat JBoss technologies means that when we offer subscription support and consulting services we have the certified knowledge you can trust.

Factor in our use of agile development methodologies and we believe our people, processes and technology skills are the perfect combination for enterprises looking to embrace devops and exploit microservices architecture.

The move to Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) environments is now made easier with container technology, such as Docker and Kubernetes.

As a result, Tier 2 has committed to Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Management technology as our platform of choice and the enabling technology to achieve sustainable CI/CD processes, with the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio now fully available in container image format.

If you are keen to explore and exploit supported Red Hat JBoss technologies, work with their only Premier Middleware Partner in the UK & Ireland.

Above all, we understand that business is software – and you never stop developing.

Contact us for insight and support when ready.