Still the only Red Hat Middleware Solutions Premier Partner in the UK and Ireland

Red Hat JBoss Premier Business Partner, Middleware Solutions - Tier 2 ConsultingLast month saw the renewal of our Premier Partner accreditation – making Tier 2 Consulting the first and still the only Middleware Solutions Premier Partner in the UK & Ireland for Red Hat.

This is pleasing on two fronts – firstly it reinforces our status as the go-to Red Hat Partner for middleware solutions in the region, and secondly because it reflects the skills base needed to meet the partner criteria.

Unlike many partner programmes, the new Red Hat Partner Program 3.0 is not about the amount of JBoss subscriptions we sell. It recognises our technical skills, product knowledge and real-world deployment prowess – the stuff that gives a client the confidence to partner with consultants who offer best advice and aren’t motivated by software sales targets.

The partner program online training portal forms the bedrock of our training and two new consultants who joined us at the turn of the year have both become certified in core middleware skills.

As a result, we’ve not only increased the resource on offer, we’ve added substantial expertise in EAP migration and server administration, whilst developing much deeper capabilities in the FUSE integration space.

In addition, our specialist skills in heavily regulated sectors such as insurance and pharmaceuticals are also paying dividends.  We have secured new project work as a direct result of our detailed knowledge of compliance and regulatory mandates in these areas.

The business case for migrating away from expensive, proprietary middleware platforms is compelling for organisations in many sectors, as is the ability for technical teams to build, test and deploy application with more agility and less risk.

Subscriptions for supported versions of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Middleware product suite are often a natural progression of expert consultation and the provision of best advice – two qualities which have served Tier 2 Consulting well over time.

We look forward to another successful year as a Red Hat Middleware Solutions Premier Partner.

Commenting on the renewal of the Premier Partner status, Jayne Handley – Head of Partner Alliances Red Hat UK & Ireland said “Tier 2 Consulting have a great mix of middleware expertise and specialist commercial knowledge in key vertical markets. We look forward to supporting their efforts during what I am sure will be another very productive year.”

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