What our Red Hat Partnership means to us and for our customers

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Here at Tier 2, we’re proud to be able to call ourselves Red Hat Premier Partners. While many partnership schemes for other software companies simply require a client to purchase a certain amount of products or to shout about their greatness from the rooftops, the Red Hat Partner Program is based on merit alone. With our partnership renewal on the horizon, we thought there’d be no better time for us to talk about exactly what being a Red Hat Premier Partner means for us and for our customers.

How did we acquire our partnership?

Tier 2 Consulting was the first Red Hat Premier Partner to focus on JBoss Middleware in the UK and Ireland. We acquired our Premier Partner status in 2015, but it wasn’t something we had to pay out for. To gain our status as a Premier Partner, we had to apply our specialisation in Red Hat/JBoss Middleware solutions. We’re proud of the fact that we successfully acquired this status, but our success is all down to the quality of our team.

By meeting the strict technical certification requirements defined by Red Hat we were able to ascend to the very top of the Red Hat partner membership tiers. Achieving these certifications in a pre-defined number of technical streams and getting references from a multitude of happy customers helped us to become Red Hat Premier Partners. But it was the knowledge of our team and their level of technical expertise that helped us stand out from the crowd. By building a team of excellent Red Hat certified individuals, we were able to become and retain our partner status. But what does that mean for you, the customer?

How does it affect our customers?

As we have been keen to mention, our partnership with Red Hat requires a lot of technical accreditation. We acquired our Premier Partner status thanks to the technical prowess of our team and we are confident in our ability to deliver that same technical prowess in every project that we work on. Customers of Red Hat Premier Partners can be confident that the company they are working with have the appropriate skills, and proven experience, to expertly tackle the job in question.

Ultimately, as a customer, choosing to work with a Red Hat Premier Partner guarantees you the peace of mind that you are working with experts in their appropriate field. There’s a reason that, with our partnership, we have been able to work with some fantastic clients: trust. In working with a Premier Partner, you are guaranteed support not only from a highly accredited team of experts but also the confidence in Red Hat itself.

How does it affect our business?

Our partnership gives us a greater insight into Red Hat’s technology which, in itself, is of benefit to our customers. We are able to understand how the products themselves are developed from the get-go. This knowledge allows us to be far more confident when putting in proposals and making sure that the software delivers on expectations.

Becoming a Red Hat Premier Partner has given us more opportunities than ever to carve out a name for our business. Our ever-increasing relationship with Red Hat and their middleware portfolio has allowed us to continually better ourselves and ultimately move into working with larger household names.

Since joining the Red Hat partner program, Tier 2 now offers software development and consultancy services to significantly larger enterprises than we ever could have previously, allowing us to secure work with the likes of Motability Operations and EDMI Europe – See below for their case studies. Being able to work closely alongside Red Hat on their marketing and lead generation allows us to attract consistently larger clients that we always look forward to working with.

The benefits of becoming a Red Hat Premier Partner are clear for any business working in our industry. While we are able to attract bigger and better clients, the clients themselves remain our priority and our Premier Partner status helps us to deliver peace of mind to our customers.

To experience the benefits of working with a Red Hat Premier Partner first hand, get in touch with the accredited Tier 2 Consulting team today for assistance with all of your JBoss Middleware projects.