Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse – An ESB for All Seasons

Middleware integration requirements vary greatly and can influence the technology used for implementation. Some requirements need centralized, large-scale service oriented architectures (SOA) that delivers integration via reliable, high-performance networks. Others require the ability to handle smaller data loads economically and efficiently using distributed deployments with more enterprise application integration (EAI) than SOA integration patterns.

Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse is an open source enterprise service bus (ESB) that connects disparate applications, services, and devices for comprehensive and efficient solutions.  It has the technical capabilities to support these many types of integration solutions with a total cost of ownership that is in tune with the budget constraints of many integration projects.

Spend Less (and Innovate More)

The cost of software should not be the sole deciding factor – but the economic advantage that Red Hat has over integration solutions from, say, IBM and Oracle is so significant that it cannot be ignored.  By way of example, 2-year cost projections show the TCO of JBoss Fuse to be no more than ~ 10% of that of the equivalent IBM and Oracle products.

These proprietary technologies have a traditional “license plus support & maintenance” fee structure – meaning that software acquisition costs will be substantial in the first year.  At Tier 2, we know from experience that such high upfront costs can be a barrier to even getting projects off the ground.  The cost savings achieved by choosing Red Hat JBoss Middleware can enable organisations to start more projects and proofs-of-concept, deploy technology more widely, and apply more budget towards innovation.

With Red Hat JBoss Middleware, you pay an annual subscription fee and are never charged software licensing fees – so all you need (software, documentation, tutorials, support, maintenance, developer tooling etc.) is included in a single, predictable and hugely cost-effective subscription.

This cost-effectiveness was highlighted in a 2014 IDC report which calculated Red Hat JBoss Fuse would deliver an average three-year ROI of 488% in a payback time of 8.2 months.

Happy, Productive Developers

JBoss Developer Studio can be used for all Red Hat middleware development, including Red Hat JBoss Fuse. Fuse developers can choose to work with a graphical editor, work directly with XML files, or switch between graphical and direct XML editing. The developer chooses the method that makes them the most comfortable and productive, including the ability to develop directly in Java if required.

Compared with proprietary alternatives, Fuse provides a modern, reliable integration platform that is exciting for developers to quickly learn about and use, keeping productivity and employee satisfaction (and retention) high – there is nothing like quick results to keep developers engaged.

Innovation – the key to Bi-Modal IT

Development entitlements to all Red Hat JBoss Middleware platforms are included in every JBoss Fuse subscription – this is not the case for proprietary products, for which additional license fees will apply.

And of course a key differentiator between ‘locked’ license products and Red Hat Fuse is that developers have access to source code. Red Hat also supports clients with older versions of their products by back-porting code revisions to ensure continuity of applications.

This makes it easy for developers to explore how other Red Hat middleware platforms – such as Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, JBoss BPM Suite, and JBoss Data Virtualisation – complement Red Hat JBoss Fuse.  Easy and flexible access to these other technologies is key to what Gartner terms ‘Bi-Modal IT’ – with ‘Mode 2’ being exploratory development, with an emphasis on agility and speed.

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Help when you need it – Tier 2 Consulting – Red Hat’s Premier Middleware Partner

The support and assistance available under a subscription is a hugely valuable resource; but there are times when companies require face-to-face expert advice & guidance from a proven technical team – perhaps to architect a best-practice JBoss Fuse solution, to provide ongoing technical skills-transfer, or simply to complement an internal team with experienced JBoss Fuse development resource.

The Premier Partnership that Tier 2 Consulting holds is the highest possible level of technical accreditation.  It gives our customers confidence that our consultants have been technically certified, by Red Hat, to help companies deliver solutions based on Red Hat Enterprise Middleware products.

Tier 2 Consulting is currently the only Red Hat Premier Partner for MIddleware Solutions in the UK and Ireland.