Red Hat JBoss Fuse – community to enterprise considerations

Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse

Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse is an open source enterprise service bus (ESB) that connects disparate applications, services, and devices for comprehensive and efficient solutions. JBoss Fuse includes the popular and versatile Apache Camel project, an implementation of the most commonly used enterprise integration patterns. With over 150 connectors ready to use, JBoss Fuse supports integration across the extended enterprise – including applications and services on premise, on mobile devices, or in the cloud.

Red Hat – Open Source for the Enterprise

Red Hat believes that the best way to develop technology is to build a community around it.  They contribute significant software engineering effort to selected open source initiatives – maintaining all the benefits of collaboration and innovation inherent in community-driven projects – but ensuring that they have the critical knowledge and skill-base required to build stability and supportability ‘hardness’ into the software platforms.  It is this process that creates ‘enterprise-ready’ software, key for organisations that need to rely on it for business critical applications.

Take JBoss Fuse – it retains all of the innovation of the Apache projects – including Apache ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF, Karaf and Fabric8 – while adding the ability to meet the demanding requirements of business-critical applications.

Via a flexible, cost-effective, and easy to understand subscription model, JBoss Fuse provides service-level agreement (SLA)-based support, patches, updates, and defined multi-year product lifecycle maintenance policies to ensure long-term application stability.

Companies moving from the individual Apache projects to the enterprise-ready JBoss Fuse can expect a significant return on their investment and reduced effort & expense.

Time to Market

By integrating and testing the community components, and packaging them with easy-to-use install scripts, Red Hat has done all the hard work – JBoss Fuse is ready to use, out of the box.  For developers and architects that are new to the technology, the wide range of resources available on the Red Hat Customer Portal and Red Hat’s expert middleware support staff will reduce the learning curve; and in conjunction with the JBoss Developer Studio IDE, will greatly accelerate the development process.

Reduced Downtime

JBoss Fuse is a pre-integrated and pre-tested set of stable distributions of community projects that greatly reduce the possibility of service-impacting problems in your production systems. In the unlikely event of an outage, Red Hat’s world-class, SLA-based technical support will get you back online in the shortest possible time (with both 8×5 and 24×7 support options being available).

Reduced Maintenance

Red Hat’s single stream of certified patches and updates, all accessible through the Red Hat Customer Portal, greatly reduces the cost of keeping critical software up-to-date. Red Hat not only fixes issues found in the community code, but also tests and collects updates from multiple community projects into a single, certified stream that can be quickly and easily applied to your development, QA and production environments. Like all Red Hat middleware products JBoss Fuse includes the Red Hat JBoss Operations Network — providing companies with a single point of control for deployment, management and monitoring of their JBoss Fuse estate.


Red Hat’s industry-recognised security response team proactively identifies, tracks, classifies, and resolves security issues using a formalized enterprise security resolution process. This team works closely with industry and government emergency response teams to ensure that emerging threats are countered and patches are released in the shortest possible time. As part of the subscription offering Red Hat does all the heavy lifting – ensuring that companies spend less time investigating and patching security issues.

Help when you need it – Tier 2 Consulting – Red Hat’s Premier Middleware Partner

The support and assistance available under a subscription is a hugely valuable resource; but there are times when companies require face-to-face expert advice & guidance from a proven technical team – perhaps to architect a best-practice JBoss Fuse solution, to provide ongoing technical skills-transfer, or simply to complement an internal team with experienced JBoss Fuse development resource.

The Premier Partnership that Tier 2 Consulting holds is the highest possible level of technical accreditation.  It gives our customers confidence that our consultants have been technically certified, by Red Hat, to help companies deliver solutions based on Red Hat Enterprise Middleware products.

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