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Red Hat® Fuse is a lightweight, flexible integration platform that enables rapid software integration across the extended enterprise—on-premise or in the cloud. Red Hat® Fuse includes modular integration capabilities, a new style enterprise service bus (ESB), to unlock information. Through this agile integration functionality, you’re free to connect your systems, apps, and technologies in whatever way works best for you. Click here for further details.

Tier 2 Consulting has extensive experience working on Red Hat® Fuse enterprise integration projects – from architecting to design, development, test and implementation, our JBoss Fuse integration services are second to none.

If you feel that your business would benefit from JBoss Fuse integration, contact Tier 2 today.

Working on JBoss Fuse and EAP projects, Tier 2 have played a key role in defining the architecture, skilling up the project teams, instilling best practices and providing ongoing assurance. Their support is flexible, targeted to our needs and always very professional.

Charles Illingworth, Development Team Lead, Motability Operations Ltd

JBoss Fuse Success Stories:

Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse architecture, design and implementation – Automotive Lease Management

Tier 2 provided architecture, design and development experience to assist in the integration of a new lease management system with existing legacy systems for the UK’s biggest car leasing company – Motability Operations Ltd. Delivered in a Fabric (clustered) configuration to provide high levels of performance and resilience, the solution makes extensive use of out-of-the-box Camel endpoints for JMS, web service, and database integrations, with the addition of a custom endpoints for document management integration. Tier 2 also facilitated knowledge transfer and mentoring whilst on site.

Technologies Used

  • Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse (Fabric)
  • Camel
  • JMS

Enterprise integration for global smart meter manufacturer

As part of the UK Governments’ smart meter program, EDMI Europe won a contract to supply communication hub devices and service management to a major communications service provider, supporting secure data transfer between smart meters, in-home display devices, and utilities providers.As a result, EDMI needed to enhance its IT capabilities to track forward logistics in its supply chain, generate related contractual reports and build a triage service to process devices that are reported as faulty to determine whether there is a true fault on a device, identify the responsible parties and define next steps.Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse is used extensively for:

  • Integration with Salesforce order management system via web services
  • Integration with customer’s File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers and MySQL database.
  • Integration with the EDMI forward logistics database, an FTP server and a separate testing system
  • Combining database information and integrating with an IBM rules engine.


Crown Commercial Service Supplier

Established in 2002, the quality of our work is evidenced by the stature of our long-standing clients, which include The Scouts Association, King’s College London, Suzuki GB, Simplify Group, Motability Operations Ltd, EDMI, Wolseley UK and Alphabet GB (BMW).

Tier 2 provides custom application development for web, mobile and enterprise integrations to clients across a range of industry sectors. We have particular expertise in the compliant driven worlds of finance and pharmaceuticals, where our regulatory knowledge adds significant value to the project teams we work with in these environments.

Tier 2 now offers Cloud Software Support and technical services around the Red Hat OpenShift Container Management Platform (PaaS) on the G-Cloud 9 procurement portal.


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