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Tier 2 Consulting was the first Premier Middleware Partner in the UK and Ireland.Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) delivers enterprise-grade security, performance, and scalability in any environment. Whether on-premise; virtual; or in private, public, or hybrid clouds, JBoss EAP can help you deliver apps faster, everywhere. Click here for further details.

Tier 2’s JBoss EAP consultants have been developing Red Hat® JBoss® EAP expertise since before Red Hat acquired JBoss and formalised its middleware portfolio – we are Red Hat Premier Partners, after all. Our JBoss EP consultants continue to demonstrate technical excellence in the configuration, deployment and support services we offer, including:

  • Design, installation and configuration of your Red Hat® JBoss® EAP estate, including security hardening, and support for high-availability requirements
  • Installation and configuration of Red Hat® JBoss® Operations Network (JON) to support management and monitoring of the Red Hat® JBoss® installation.
  • Migration of existing applications to Red Hat® JBoss® EAP – specifically, from community versions of JBoss® (AS and Wildfly), Websphere and Weblogic.
  • Healthchecks of existing Red Hat® JBoss® EAP environments, where we validate the installation and configuration against recognised best practice (including the messaging components – Artemis / ActiveMQ)
  • Skills Transfer Workshops, focussing on EAP Administration techniques as applied to specific customer environments.

For those who just require the flexibility of a consumption model for Red Hat® JBoss® advice and guidance, we offer Remote Consulting Services to provide a ‘rapid response’ team in time-boxed engagements.  The skills transfer workshops we facilitate are widely regarded as invaluable, due in no small part to the ability of the senior consultants delivering them – with two of them receiving Trainer of the Year Awards by attendees of Red Hat EMEA EAP training courses.

To organise your own EAP health check or training course, contact the Tier 2 team today.

Example Customer Assignments:

Red Hat® JBoss® EAP Health Check – Financial Services

An initial engagement to resolve an SSL configuration issue with Red Hat® JBoss® EAP 5, leading to a health check review of server configuration and security. Particular emphasis was placed on performance tuning and the removal of unnecessary services. The health check produced a prioritised list of recommendations for improving performance and hardening security on the server.

Technologies Used

  • Red Hat® JBoss® EAP 5.2

HornetQ Cluster Review and Migration to EAP – Communications Company

A review of the existing community implementation of HornetQ, documenting the existing setup and making recommendations for performance improvements. Post-review, this engagement ultimately led to a new HA configuration consisting of live/backup broker pairs, and a migration away from community edition HornetQ, to the supported version within JBoss EAP 6.

Technologies Used

  • HornetQ 2.4, JBoss EAP 6.4.1

Red Hat® JBoss® ON Skills Transfer Workshop – Legal Insurance

Preparation and delivery of a skills transfer workshop for Red Hat® JBoss® Operations Network. This included the development of materials (slide presentations and exercises) relevant to the client’s installation, and delivery of the workshop at the client’s premises. The workshop covered the full range of Red Hat® JBoss® ON features, including installation and configuration of servers and agents, managing inventory, creating monitoring schedule and alert templates, provisioning, drift management, server administration and the creation of an HA cloud.

Technologies Used

  • Red Hat® JBoss® EAP 6.1 (domain mode)
  • Apache 2.2
  • Red Hat® JBoss® Operations Network 3.3

Red Hat® JBoss® EAP / Fuse Service Works / JON Health Check – Building Materials Distribution

A review of the company’s full Red Hat® JBoss® stack, including Fuse Service Works, Active-MQ, EAP and Operations Network. As well as standard health check outputs, including configuration best practice and security recommendations, this assignment focused heavily on the use of Operations Network for capacity planning and the definition of key performance indicators, to be used both as an early-warning system for administrators, and in the production of an Operational Level Agreement between IT and the business.

Technologies Used

  • Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse Service Works 6.0.0, A-MQ 6.2, EAP 6.1, JON 3.3
  • JA-MQ 6.2
  • EAP 6.1
  • JON 3.3

Red Hat® JBoss® ON Implementation – Motor Manufacturer

Installation and configuration of Red Hat® JBoss® Operations Network for the enterprise’s entire JBoss estate, including installation of remote agents on 15 Red Hat® JBoss® application servers covering the System Test, UAT and Production environments. Configuration of monitoring schedules and alert templates for all servers, and configuration of fine-grained access permissions on different server groups. The engagement also included the use of JON to monitor and alert on the availability of remote web services deployed on IBM Websphere.

Technologies Used

  • Red Hat® JBoss® Operations Network (JON) v3.3

Red Hat® JBoss® EAP Health Check – Professional Membership Body

A review of the production JBoss EAP 6 domain (including Apache load balancing tier), with the specific objectives of validating the configuration against Red Hat’s own best practice and ensuring that the environments are secure and scalable, supporting potential increases in end-user load. Additional output from the review included recommendations for capacity planning using JBoss Operations Network, and a proof-of-concept CLI script for auto-scaling the domain.

Technologies Used

  • Red Hat® JBoss® EAP 6 (domain mode)
  • Apache 2.2
  • Red Hat® JBoss® Operations Network 3.3

Red Hat® JBoss® EAP Migration – Financial Services

Tier 2 performed an upgrade of Red Hat® JBoss® from the (13-year-old) community version 3 to EAP 6. This included the design of a new JMS message bridge allowing messages to be forwarded from HornetQ to an external SwiftMQ broker.

Technologies Used

  • Red Hat® JBoss® AS 3
  • Red Hat® JBoss® EAP 6
  • HornetQ
  • SwiftMQ
  • EJB 1.1
  • EJB 3

Rat Hat® JBoss® Infrastructure Planning & Implementation – Insurance

Completed an overall review of functional and non-functional requirements (including high availability and security) to define an optimal Red Hat® JBoss® infrastructure, and the tasks required to implement it, including staff training. Subsequently ran the Red Hat® JBoss® Administration training and led the customer team on the implementation project.

Technologies Used

  • Red Hat® JBoss® EAP 6
  • Apache Web Server
  • mod-cluster
  • Red Hat® JBoss® Operations Network
  • Squid

Rat Hat® JBoss® EAP Best Practices for a major insurance / reinsurance group

Completed an overall review of functional and non-functional requirements (including high availability and security) to define an optimal JBoss infrastructure, and the tasks required to implement it, including staff training. Subsequently ran the JBoss Administration training and led the customer team on the implementation project.

Technologies Used

  • Red Hat® JBoss® EAP
  • Red Hat® JBoss® ON

WebLogic – JBoss EAP Migration for a life insurance company

Tier 2 worked closely with internal technical staff to plan and complete the migration of an existing application from WebLogic to Red Hat® JBoss® EAP. We also provided expertise to develop proof of concepts and example applications to demonstrate the use of HornetQ in a High-Availability (HA) environment.

Technologies Used

  • Red Hat® JBoss® EAP
  • Red Hat® JBoss® Clustering
  • HornetQ
  • JSP

Red Hat® JBoss® EAP6 Administration “Starter Package” & HornetQ Cluster Set-up for a Financial Solutions Provider (Scandinavia)

Following our client’s decision to migrate from Glassfish to Red Hat® JBoss® EAP, Tier 2 designed and delivered an Red Hat® JBoss® EAP6 administration “kick-start” package comprising example configurations, and onsite knowledge-transfer sessions for advanced users (technical architects). This was followed by a second engagement to install and configure a co-located HornetQ cluster using in-memory replication and SSL.

Technologies Used

  • Red Hat® JBoss® EAP
  • ClusteringQ
  • JMS
  • HornetQ


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Established in 2002, the quality of our work is evidenced by the stature of our long-standing clients, which include The Scouts Association, King’s College London, Suzuki GB, Simplify Group, Motability Operations Ltd, EDMI, Wolseley UK and Alphabet GB (BMW).

Tier 2 provides custom application development for web, mobile and enterprise integrations to clients across a range of industry sectors. We have particular expertise in the compliant driven worlds of finance and pharmaceuticals, where our regulatory knowledge adds significant value to the project teams we work with in these environments.

Tier 2 now offers Cloud Software Support and technical services around the Red Hat OpenShift Container Management Platform (PaaS) on the G-Cloud 9 procurement portal.


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