Is your enterprise IT at the crossroads?

There is a wholesale cultural and technological shift taking place in enterprise IT. Companies are waking up to the reality that they can no longer let legacy systems dictate the pace of change needed to remain competitive.

CTOs, CIOs and IT Managers are no longer seen as heading up expensive cost centers. They are the enablers of commercial change and the custodians of competitive advantage – where speed equals profit.

But there is a lot to think about as organisations look to meet the demands of a digital, mobile first world:

• How do they exploit hybrid / multi-cloud services, whilst avoiding vendor lock-in?
• How can they exploit the cost-effectiveness and standards of Red Hat Open Source technologies’?
• How do they embrace cloud-native platforms which facilitate scale through infrastructure as code?
• How do they adopt agile ‘DevOps’ methodologies where Development and Operations teams align their common goals with shared accountability?
• How quickly can they replace monolithic applications with new applications, built using microservices architecture and deployed as a ‘containerised’ application?
• How do they win in an API economy or remain relevant in an IoT connected world?
• How do they do all this and keep the customer experience front and centre of everything they deliver?

“Disrupt or be disrupted” is easy to say, much harder to deliver.

This is the stuff of sleepless nights.

So where to start?

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For IT Project Managers, the notion of a robust ‘Discovery’ phase will be nothing new, but the importance of understanding “where are we now” is vital and with the involvement of stakeholders from across the organisation, greater clarity around the ‘pain points’ will be achieved and appreciated.


The ideal format to kick-off this Discovery phase is a half-day workshop which Tier 2 can help you plan, facilitate and then follow up with a document to report:
• our initial understanding of the existing IT landscape and the organisational practices and procedures
• the priorities being set by the business in commercial terms
• what might need to change, to meet commercial ambitions and IT modernization challenges.

As with any planning process, it is imperative to get consensus on the need for change and a willingness from all stakeholders to participate in a review process, especially if it is being framed within the context of ‘IT transformation’.

With stakeholder participation the necessary situational analysis can commence.

In the context of an IT modernization challenge, a half-day Discovery Workshop is great investment in time.

Not only do the findings reveal the “you are here” point, they shape the roadmap to new ways of working and help get the consensus needed when a change in the direction of travel is signposted.

Tier 2 is a software development company building custom web and mobile applications using agile development methodologies. We also have expert knowledge of the Red Hat JBoss technology portfolio and became the first Red Hat Premier Middleware Partner for the UK&I region in 2014.

Established in 2002, we work across many sectors, including the regulated environments of insurance, finance and pharmaceuticals; with the quality of our work evidenced by long-standing relationships with leading brands and businesses.

We solve complex IT challenges and help organisations embrace digital transformation.

Why? Because business is software.

If your organization is at the crossroads with its IT capabilities we can help. For an informal, no-obligation conversation about where it is you think you need to get to, call Chris Ellis on 01438 310124, or email