JBoss Developers are not just for Christmas

20th December 2016

Thinking about buying-in JBoss Technical Services or Consultancy skills in the New Year? Great, but here’s some reflective, festive food for thought. The Red Hat Partner Program puts validated technical skills at the heart of the process. So there is a big, tangible difference between companies you might be considering that come with little or […]

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Getting Started With OSGi Versioning

13th December 2016

One of the useful features of OSGi is the ability to have multiple versions of the same Java classes deployed in a single JVM at the same time.  This is helpful if you have multiple applications deployed that are dependent on different versions of third-party framework, or your own utility classes. You can therefore use […]

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Developing Custom Software in a Regulated Environment

1st June 2016

21 CFR Part 11 / Computer System Validation Tier 2 has significant experience of implementing systems to comply with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11, of which Computer System Validation (CSV) is one key part.  ‘Computer System Validation’, in summary is the documented process of ensuring that a system does what it is designed to […]

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Tier 2 Consulting becomes the first Red Hat Premier Middleware Partner

30th May 2014

We are delighted to announce that Tier 2 Consulting has become the first Premier JBoss Middleware Business Partner for the UK and Ireland, achieving the highest Red Hat partner accreditation possible. This accreditation demonstrates Tier 2’s proven capabilities in working with its clients to improve business processes, innovate faster and deliver more for less. When […]

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Tier 2 duo voted top trainers in Red Hat JBoss Middleware

24th February 2014

As  the UK and Ireland’s only dedicated Red Hat Advanced Middleware Partner supporting enterprise and community users of Red Hat JBoss Middleware, we are thrilled that our expertise has been recognised with a brace of training awards from the Red Hat EMEA Training team. Two of our leading JBoss consultants, both Certified JBoss Application Administrators, […]

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Jan 7th 2014 – Tier 2 speaking at Lloyds Technology Thought Leadership Session

17th December 2013

If you are involved in contract-class document assembly in the insurance / reinsurance markets you’ll be interested to attend a free seminar hosted by Lloyds Corporation, taking place in the old Library in the Lloyds Building on January 7th. Andy Kennedy from Tier 2 Consulting, and Martin Kett from Exari, will be presenting ‘Smartforms’ and […]

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Tier 2 helps Lloyd’s of London deliver “SmartForms” initiative

11th September 2013

Lloyd’s – the world’s leading specialist insurance market – has released SmartForms, providing insurance brokers with a platform to capture data and create an MRC (Market Reform Contract) wherever they are.  As a result of using the solution, the broker will have access to a document in a format they require (Word, PDF etc.) as well […]

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Module Dependencies in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6

13th June 2013

In this second article on JBoss modules, Ian Page, Senior Consultant at Tier 2 Consulting, takes a closer look at module dependencies. Last time you saw how JBoss treats a deployment (in that case, a JAR file) as a module, and how you could create a dependency on it.  In this article I’ll cover some […]

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Prizes awarded in University of Hertfordshire Software Development Exercise

6th June 2013

In December 2012 Tier 2 announced a unique partnership with the University of Hertfordshire – as an official module sponsor of the School of Computer Science.  We wanted to help promote ‘real world’ development skills with the learning environment. That module has now been completed, and we were delighted to have been invited to award the prizes to the […]

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The JBoss Application Server, JBoss AS, is now called Wildfly!

2nd May 2013

Why ?  JBoss AS was renamed to reduce confusion between the JBoss Application Server project, the JBoss Community and the Red Hat JBoss product line.When the JBoss Application Server project was launched in 1999, no one would have ever guessed at how successful the project would become. Today, JBoss represents one of the finest Java […]

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Understanding Modules in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6

2nd April 2013

Ian Page, Senior Consultant at Tier 2 Consulting, guides us through the creation and deployment of a JBoss module, and reasons for doing so. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 uses a completely new class loading system, based on modules.  All of the JBoss application server functionality is based on modules, but how can you write […]

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The Commercialisation of Agile (or how I learned to stop worrying and love fixed price)

26th March 2013

John Cornforth, Head of Consulting, Tier 2 Consulting I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the way Agile projects are approached commercially, and how hard, commercial realities can seem at odds with the seemingly light and fluffy ideals put forward in the Agile Manifesto.  The two main reasons why I’ve been thinking about it so […]

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JBoss Enterprise Middleware – Free Technical Workshop – London – 14th March 2013

14th February 2013

In this FREE technical workshop on Thursday 14th March, at Red Hat’s London office, you will discover how Tier 2 Consulting can help you improve the technical and business functions within your organisation, with JBoss Enterprise Middleware. Learn about the core products within the portfolio, and see how Kings College London and Evident Legal have successfully used JBoss Enterprise Middleware. A Red Hat Solutions Architect will be […]

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Tier 2 Tasked to Modernise Technology Systems at Croton Stokes Wilson Ltd

16th January 2013

When leading Lloyd’s Broker, Croton Stokes Wilson Ltd, was looking to modernise its client facing systems to save time and cut cost they approached Tier 2 Consulting after a recommendation from a colleague. The Tier 2 team’s experience in developing successful custom solutions for interaction between insurance agents and underwriters, and their efficiencies in delivering […]

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Exari chooses Tier 2 Consulting to deliver patient records system

5th December 2012

Tier 2 Consulting, Hertfordshire’s leading web application consultancy, has been appointed by Exari as its certified system integration partner to create and develop a world leading patient records system for Dutch Healthcare specialist Esdege-Heron Daal. Esdégé-Reigersdaal, based in northern Holland, provides services to people with disabilities and offers support to children, youths and adults with […]

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Lloyd’s Broker tasks Tier 2 to overhaul document systems

1st November 2012

In recent years, the insurance industry has seen a number of significant changes in terms of the amount of technical information required by underwriters. Developments in web technology have allowed the industry as a whole to operate on a more professional and cost effective basis that has led to many benefits for underwriters, brokers and […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Middleware

26th October 2012

What is Middleware? Middleware is sometimes described as ‘software glue’ – it is software that provides services to applications which typically are not available from the operating system.  By providing such services, it makes it much easier for software developers to focus on delivering required functionality, as much of the ‘plumbing’ – such as access […]

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Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline chooses Tier 2

4th June 2012

GSK’s key objective was to create a searchable repository of compounds, including details of studies performed and potential genotoxic hazards. In addition, structural information (with the associated graphical representation) was recorded, providing the ability to complete searches at a molecular structure level. The project was delivered using our quality project approach based on industry standard […]

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NetDev takes the intelligent route with Tier 2 Consulting

1st July 2011

Tier 2 Consulting was appointed following a rigorous exploration of their agile working methodologies, married to its specialist technical delivery and consulting skills in JBoss, Hibernate, Seam, web services, and advanced web user interface techniques, such as AJAX. In 2007 NetDev went in search of expert web application development skills to overhaul and improve the […]

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Five selects Tier 2 Consulting

1st June 2011

Tier 2 Consulting, the specialist web development company based in Hertford, has been appointed by five, the UK’s fifth terrestrial channel, to support and develop Libra, their legacy IT system providing programme, contract, rights and budget management functionality. Five appointed Tier 2 following a series of scoping meetings and the completion a structured Support Take-on […]

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