Module Dependencies in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6

13th June 2013

In this second article on JBoss modules, Ian Page, Senior Consultant at Tier 2 Consulting, takes a closer look at module dependencies. Last time you saw how JBoss treats a deployment (in that case, a JAR file) as a module, and how you could create a dependency on it.  In this article I’ll cover some […]

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Beauty and Brains Essential for Enterprise Applications

14th September 2012

Think of enterprise software and very few times will you think of looks, or at least that was the case until recently. In the past the software was built purely for functionality, as something that would be reliable. Over recent years, however, there has become a greater emphasis on not only the quality of the […]

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The business benefits of responsive Web design

24th August 2012

Being a specialist web enterprise development agency we understand that just going on websites from your home or work computers has become a bit of a thing of the past. We all want to see modern websites everywhere we go and fast. The UK’s usage of different mobile devices is constantly evolving, which poses a […]

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