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Secure, approved documents. Anywhere.

Controlled documentation forms an integral part of an organisation’s quality, operational, and compliance requirements. Examples include Standard Operating Procedures, Tender Responses, Project Management and ISO9000 Quality Management System (QMS) documentation.

The creation, approval and distribution of controlled documents can be an inefficient and error-prone process, leading to a reduction in quality and effectiveness of the documents themselves. Further, once such documents have been published, their content can be difficult to locate.

The benefits of controlled documentation are maximised when they are accessible, current and consistent. Conversely, inaccessible or inaccurate documentation can add considerable cost and risk to the processes they are designed to support.

ARENA Document Control

ARENA/Control is an extensible, web-based document assembly and control platform providing security and control over all phases of an electronic document’s lifecycle.

ARENA/Control is accessible via standard web browsers on PCs and mobile devices, and the documents created, and their meta-data, are all stored in secure SQL standard databases hosted locally or in the cloud.

ARENA/Control is a robust, cost-effective solution for growing businesses operating in compliant-driven environments.  Clients can control and manage contract-class document creation and authoring with XML files available for audit trail reporting.

ARENA/Control software has a built-in authentication and authorisation layer, ensuring that users can only view and revise documents that they have been granted specific access to.  Confidential documents or file sharing access rights are never compromised.

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In addition, Tier 2 provides an on-going, service-level-based support to resolve issues and defects within defined response targets.

ARENA/Control – Key Benefits:

  • Construct vital documents such as compliance information in a substantially quicker timeframe.
  • Reduce the amount of administration time spent on sharing documents.
  • Remove errors caused by poor version control and multiple copies.
  • Set permissions that are automatically built into the system to create a safer means of access and electronic despatch.
  • Maintain fully compliant audit trails.
  • Available as a SaaS hosted product or deploy locally on client servers under license.

ARENA/Control – Key Features:

  • Centralised control and management of document templates, ensuring that all documents are authored to the most recent and consistent standard.
  • Tight integration with Exari’s DocGen document assembly engine, providing authors with the ability to generate contract-class documentation via a web-based Q&A session.
  • The definition of document authoring/review/authorisation/publishing workflow, tailored for each document type, to ensure that the appropriate staff are involved in all aspects of document production and distribution.
  • Simple ‘workbox’ structure, including e-mail notification, allowing staff to plan and prioritise document authoring and review activities.
  • Full document revision control.
  • User and group level security, providing auditable access control for all aspects of the system.
  • Database-based document repository, providing a centralised source of all controlled documents, centralised backup, and full-text searching capability.
  • Full audit of all actions completed in the document authoring process, and of the distribution of published documents, allowing document usage to be monitored.
  • Browser-based front end, making Arena ideal for distributed workgroups or homeworkers;
  • Familiar, folder-based user interface.
  • Based entirely on the JEE technology standard, making the application highly portable, performant and scalable. The open nature of the technology platform allows for integration into existing corporate applications or platforms.

As referenced, the need for electronic document control exists in all sectors, and as such we now have ARENA/Control deployed with a number of clients.

  • GlaxoSmithKline (pharma).
  • 14M Genomics (pharma) – Read about this project in our blog post here.
  • Search Consultancy (recruitment).
  • Munich Re (insurance).
  • Croton Stokes Wilson (insurance) – Read about this project in our blog post here.
  • Decus (insurance).
  • (Digital publishing) – read about this project in our blog post here.

Technical Implementation

ARENA/Control is a JEE development deployed within Red Hat JBoss Webserver or JBoss EAP.

exari-logo Optional integration with Exari’s document assembly engine – allowing documents to be created via an intelligent web-based interview process, with no requirement for local word processing.

This seamless integration not only provides a controlling wrapper around the document assembly process, but also provides additional opportunities for enhanced management reporting.



“As a result of Tier 2 Consulting’s document management expertise, contracts are being created and finalised in a fraction of the time, with end-to-end version control and without the fear of losing vital paperwork.”

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